Timbuctoo, New Jersey

Exploring Timbuctoo, New Jersey: A Hidden Gem


Timbuctoo, New Jersey, is a small, historically rich community with a deep-rooted past. This essay delves into the history, neighborhoods, notable attractions, and statistical data of Timbuctoo.

History of Timbuctoo

  • Founding Era: Established in the 1820s.
  • Significant Past: An African-American community with historical significance, particularly in relation to the Underground Railroad.
  • Historical Landmarks: Includes sites like the Timbuctoo Cemetery.

Neighborhoods in Timbuctoo

NeighborhoodNotable Features
Central TimbuctooHeart of the community, historical buildings
RiversideScenic views, close to water bodies
East TimbuctooModern developments, family-friendly areas

Notable Attractions

  • Timbuctoo Cemetery: A historical site with ties to African-American history.
  • Local Parks: Offering scenic beauty and recreational activities.
  • Community Events: Reflecting the rich culture and history of the area.

Statistical Data

  • Population: Small, close-knit community.
  • Demographics: Diverse, with a significant historical African-American presence.
  • Economy: Primarily local businesses and tourism.


Timbuctoo, NJ, offers a unique blend of historical significance, community spirit, and beautiful landscapes, making it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.