Lumberton, New Jersey

Lumberton, New Jersey: A Township Rich in History and Charm


Lumberton, New Jersey, a quaint township in Burlington County, boasts a unique blend of historical richness and modern charm. Established in 1683, Lumberton has evolved from its agricultural roots into a vibrant community.

History of Lumberton

  • Early Settlement: Founded in 1683, Lumberton’s history is intertwined with the early colonial period of America.
  • Industrial Growth: The 19th century saw Lumberton emerge as a hub for mills and agriculture.
  • Modern Development: In recent decades, Lumberton has grown into a suburban township with a strong sense of community.

Neighborhoods in Lumberton

Lumberton is home to several neighborhoods, each with its own unique character. Below is a table outlining these areas:

NeighborhoodNotable Features
Bobby’s RunFamily-friendly area with parks and schools
Coventry GlenSpacious homes and manicured lawns
SunnybrookKnown for its vibrant community life
Maple GroveHistoric homes and tree-lined streets

Notable Attractions

  • Smithville Park: A scenic park offering trails, historic buildings, and picnic areas.
  • Lumberton Historical Society: Showcasing the town’s rich past.
  • Village Green Park: A central spot for community events and outdoor activities.

Statistical Data

  • Population: Approximately 12,559 (as of the last census).
  • Area: Around 13 square miles.
  • Education: Highly rated schools and close proximity to universities.


Lumberton, New Jersey, seamlessly integrates its historical roots with modern amenities, making it an attractive place for residents and visitors alike.