Lawnside, New Jersey

Lawnside, New Jersey: A Unique Historical Gem


Lawnside, New Jersey, stands as a testament to a unique African-American heritage. Originating as a stop on the Underground Railroad, it has a rich history that echoes through its streets today.

Historical Background

The Origins and Growth

  • Founded as Snow Hill: Originally a village for freed and escaped slaves.
  • Underground Railroad: A significant stop for fleeing slaves.
  • Incorporation in 1926: Lawnside became the first independent self-governing African American community north of the Mason-Dixon line.

Historical Landmarks

  • Peter Mott House: A key Underground Railroad station, now a museum.
  • Mount Peace Cemetery: Resting place of many notable African Americans.

Neighborhoods of Lawnside

NeighborhoodNotable Features
North LawnsideKnown for its historical homes and close-knit community.
South LawnsideFeatures newer developments and local parks.
East LawnsideBoasts of the Lawnside Historic District and local schools.
West LawnsideHome to various local businesses and community centers.

Unique Characteristics

  • Each area reflects different eras of Lawnside’s development.
  • The neighborhoods maintain a strong sense of community heritage.

Notable Attractions and Activities

Cultural and Historical Sites

  • Lawnside Historical Society: Offers tours and educational programs.
  • Annual Heritage Festival: Celebrates Lawnside’s rich history and culture.

Parks and Recreation

  • Lawnside Park: A hub for outdoor activities and community events.

Statistical Data

Demographics and Economy

  • Population: Approximately 3,000 residents.
  • Economic Makeup: A mix of local businesses and services.

Education and Community

  • Schools: Lawnside has a strong educational system with a focus on history.
  • Community Engagement: High levels of civic participation and cultural preservation.


Lawnside’s significance extends beyond its borders, symbolizing resilience and community. Its unique story is a vital part of New Jersey’s tapestry.