Delanco, New Jersey

Delanco, New Jersey: A Blend of History and Charm


Delanco, New Jersey, a small yet vibrant community, presents a unique combination of rich history, diverse neighborhoods, and local attractions. This essay explores Delanco’s past, its distinct neighborhoods, key attractions, and statistical insights, offering a comprehensive view of this charming town.

Historical Background

  • Founding and Early Years: Originally part of Burlington County, Delanco’s roots trace back to the 1600s.
  • Industrial Growth: The 19th century saw Delanco evolve with industries, notably textiles.
  • Modern Developments: Today, Delanco is a blend of historical charm and modern living.

Neighborhoods of Delanco

NeighborhoodNotable Features
Riverside ParkScenic views, close to Delaware River
Pennington CourtHistoric architecture, family-friendly
Newton’s LandingModern housing, community amenities

Notable Attractions

  • Rancocas Nature Center: Offers nature trails and educational programs.
  • Delaware River: Popular for boating and fishing activities.
  • Historic Sites: Including the Zurbrugg Mansion and Pennington Park.

Statistical Data

  • Population: Approximately 4,500 residents.
  • Area: Roughly 1.2 square miles.
  • Economic Indicators: Median income, employment rates, etc.


Delanco, New Jersey, with its historical significance, diverse neighborhoods, and recreational spots, stands as a noteworthy destination in Burlington County.